Writ in Blood

Some doors shouldn't be left open.

Aedan Kane discovered immortality by transferring his soul into new bodies through ritualistic bloodletting, the grandfather of modern tattoo. But something evil lurks on the other side of the doorway he opened and he’s been keeping it at bay for 20 centuries.

At Mojo’s tattoo shop, in a rural town plagued by mysterious murders, Aedan prepares his ritual. The transference is interrupted and hell literally breaks loose. Customers and employees, each with their own secrets, must unite against a demon that’s been hungering for human flesh for 2,000 years.

Aedan fights to complete the ritual and banish the demon before everyone dies, but everything and everyone are not what they seem. As the body count grows and dark secrets rise to the surface, whoever survives will never be the same.

© 2017 by Reckless Amnesiac Media.

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